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Luna, Roisna and Gloria enjoying the sunshine

Bertie Sunbathing

lily and bertie

Gloria and Angela with their brother Tolly at 13 weeks

Linda, with Lily and Stella

Dora and Bertie


pick your own!

gloria and angela enjoying the sunshine as puppies

lily in bed

bertie and christopher Hunstanton Beach

Thorntonloch Beach - scotland

Dora enjoying herself on Thorntonloch beach

8 inches of snow wasnt enough to put lily off anything

Lily and her brother remmi at 5 weeks

Linda and Lily

Giorgio and Rosina

Gloria 4 weeks

Alfie - D. Canzone al Vento Luna's brother who lives with annie and dave palmer in cumbria

Tolly - Dalinset Donizetti - Gloria and Angela's brother who lives with Jan Hazzard Gale in Wiltshire

Remmi - Dalisnet Papageno - WHo lives with Alfie, and Annie and Dave Palmer in Cumbria

remmi and alfie, Dalinset Canzone al vento and D Papageno on one of their regular fell walking trips.

luna - dalinset Canzone alla luna shortly after birth

Lily- Dalinset Pamina

lily eyeing up some fruit

lily and her grandfather - giorgio

enzo and lily in the snow december 2009

enzo in the snow december 2009

Betty (Dalinset Elisabetta) shows how well she has settled into her new home, gfast asleep with her new friedn, English Setter Izzy

Betty wonders if she really can be bothered to get up this morning...

Alfie; D Canzone al Vento who lives with Annie and Dave Palmer in cumbria is a qualified PAT dog - and here he is modelling his PAT dog jacket. Remmi (D. Papageno) has also recently qualified as a PAT dog

enxo and Lily

enzo and lily

Betty - keeping a close eye on her friend martha - in her new home with Celia, Norman and kate in Pembrokeshire.

Alfie and Remmi on the fells.

Remmi - watching for the binmen!

betty - still enjoying life in pembrokeshire...

alfie and remmi enjoying the beach in the sunshine june 2010

Remmi paddling upstream...


Betty at Bath show

Remmi on a mountain top in cumbria

betty in her favourite snuggle bed aka izzy and martha!

betty getting even more comfortable...

David and Lily

minus 11 outside and still chasing birds!

Lily has decided that it is too cold and it is time to come back indoors

Bertie and Enzo in the snow

Bertie and Enzo in the snow feb 2012


Angela on guard duty...

Stella (centre) with her daughters Lily (Ch D. Pamina) and Dora (Ch D Dorabella)

Lovely Betty - Dalinset Elisabetta - looking beatiful as she wins 2nd in PGB at Bath 2012

Betty at Bath

Betty at Birmingham National.

The Dalinset Italian Greyhounds are primarly much loved family pets.  Here they can be seen at home and out and about, as well as at shows.
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