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Written by dario on 13. Apr, 2013
Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation
Written by Lynn Anderson on 20. Mar, 2013
What beautiful dogs!
Written by Paula Guppy on 23. Feb, 2012
I absolutely love your line , I wish you all the luck in the future.
Written by Sharon Eccles on 2. Feb, 2012
I am so impressed with the quality & type of your IGS. The consistancy to the Breed Standard is amazing. Hoping to be able to own one at some point..Sharon Eccles Canada
Written by Kimberly Bakker on 15. Dec, 2011
Hello, Kimberly Bakker from the US. Say a pik of your blue/white boy and love him! could you tell me if you have a pedigree posted and would you be willing to ship cooled semen on him? I have been in IG's under the kennel prefix "KC" since you, limited breeding with much success. Have a lovely seal/white girl who is 3 that we are seeking a suitor for. Still months away, yet not finding much to suit my fancy here in the US. If you could drop a line that would be appreciated. Happy Holidays....
Written by heidi peakman on 27. Oct, 2011
Very good website - I especially like the "at home" pictures which show the spirit of the dogs :)
Written by Peter on 27. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Lisa on 22. Apr, 2010
Nice website! Lisa
Written by Chloe Mears on 19. Mar, 2010
i'm interested in buying a italian greyhound, but there don't seem to be any breeders in my area - bognor regis, west sussex - can you help?
Written by Clara on 15. Mar, 2010
Congratulations at Crufts 2010 again!!! Love your little doggie with the spot! :-)
Written by Peter on 14. Jan, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by melicanas on 9. Dec, 2009
yo aprendo espanol en las esuela. yo miro dog en lunes.
Written by Sirkka on 5. Dec, 2009
Merry Xmas!
Written by Annie and Dave on 20. Jun, 2009
Russell,what lovely photos of all your well bred IG's. Of course we are lucky enough to own two of your pups - Dalinset Canzone Al Vento (Alfie the PAT dog), and Dalinset Papageno (Remmi). Best wishes Annie and Dave
Written by Liza-Jane on 18. Jun, 2009
What a wonderful website Russell, you must be so very proud of your beautiful babies. Long may your success continue.